Eliminate parasites and keep them from coming back! Works great for dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and birds!

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"Dear Val & Vic, I just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how much I love your product, ParaZap! I use it on my 4 bearded dragons, 2 butterfly agamas, & iguana, and have had no problems with parasites. I also wanted you to know that l received a new puppy as a birthday gift last month, & discovered that it had worms; knowing that ParaZap is all-natural & safe, I used it on her & my other, older dog. Well, let me tell you, after 7 days of soaking their food in your Para-Zap tea, THERE WERE NO MORE WORMS!!! :o) Thank you VERY much for caring about all kinds of animals & developing a safe product that helps keep them healthy & stress-free from parasites! God Bless, Sweet Dreams & Peace!" Tonia D. Faulkner, Indiana

ParaZap gently eliminates parasites and revitalizes the intestinal tract.

ParaZap is for dogs, cats, lizards, snakes or other reptiles with parasites. Eliminate parasites and keep them from coming back! There's no longer any reason to subject your pet to harmful medications.

  • ParaZap is a all natural supplement
  • Feel safe- no risk of overdose.
  • Gets rid of parasites
  • Expels harmful parasite eggs
  • No side effects unlike prescription drugs and popular over the counter remedies.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • Improves Health!

Love your pet...safe, all natural, for their good health and yours.

Because ParaZap is made of 100% natural ingredients, overdosing is not a concern. ParaZap is a food supplement, not a medicine or drug. It allows your pet's body to gently eliminate the parasites. ParaZap contains ingredients that revitalize the intestinal track to increase the absorption of food which makes your pet more healthy. We have received many reports of pet owners seeing an increase in the appetite after giving ParaZap for a few days. Slow growing or lethargic pets benefit greatly from a few doses of ParaZap.

You can take steps to reduce the risks for your pet and for you.

Parasites can be transmitted to humans, where they can "migrate"-or move-from the intestine to the eye, brain, or other internal organs, possibly causing organ damage, blindness, and in rare instances even death..... you can take steps to reduce the risks for your pet and for you. University of Illinois, Veterinary Medicine

The Coccidia parasite is usually present when there are other parasites. ParaZap may cause dramatic difference in the Coccidia count! Coccidia usually increases with stress. Your pet may be stressed from the presence of parasites, so eliminating the cause of the stress almost always helps reduce the coccidia count. If your pet has been on Albon or some of the other drugs for parasites, give them ParaZap. It will help with the appetite and help to increase the energy level.